Understanding Slots And Randomly Generated Numbers

Playing on slot machines is something that can be done without needing to understand how they work. As opposed to other popular ways to bet, it is true there are fewer rules or strategies to comprehend and ultimately, you do not need as much knowledge in order to log in to a casino and play them. As for the most part, you simply push a button and then see what happens with your win amount pre-determined by the slot game’s internal mechanism.

Due to this, people tend not to even consider how they work and how the machine comes to decide whether or not the player is going to win. However, others resort to their own misinformed theories or calculations and the problem with this is that people misinterpret slot games’ behaviour and end up resorting to techniques that are not going to work. Namely, attempting to see patterns in the slot game’s behaviour and placing bets based on these. This is an amateur mistake for many players and the reason it is due to how slots work. On this page, we will help explain why this is the case.

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Random Number Generators

A random number generator is exactly what its name suggests and yes, it will randomly generate specific numbers. What does this have to do with slots though? Well, in fact, it has everything to do with slots as these are what determines the results of their individual spins. This is all processed via the slot machines internal digital systems and this will be on-going as you play and with each spin, this RNG does a completely new random number generation. As such, any result of the slot machine will be based on a mathematical sum which starts fresh again and again with every single spin.

The sum of this is pre-determined by the number of reels and the number of symbols that are in play. This would make you think that if a slot has 5 reels and there are 5 symbols then you have a 1/5 chance in getting the symbol you are looking for each spin. However, the sum is not quite as simple as that because the slot will be designed prior to offering a higher chance of getting some symbols as opposed to others. This means that lower symbols have a 1/5 chance of appearing but the mechanics behind the games will likely have been given a 1/20 chance instead.

This is how the symbols can be allocated different payouts and the higher paying out symbols will have a lower probability of coming up. As mentioned, the sum that works out the result of the spin is fresh every time and so this probability never changes and that symbol will always have a 1/20 chance of coming up regardless of spins. As such, just because you saw 3 1/5 symbol come up in a row before that 1/20 when you playing last time, it doesn’t mean you should now increase your bet as it is going to happen again, as it won’t. It isn’t about patterns at all and each spin has the exact same chance of getting a certain result as the next.

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What Does This Mean for the Player?

Well, it means that patterns don’t exist and every time you spin the same sum is being worked out and so the same chance of the symbol/s you are waiting for coming up doesn’t change. It also means that the longer you play at a slot machine, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee more wins on the slot. You could play for 6 hours and win the same amount you do in 5 minutes due to a lucky run of generated numbers favouring you in that period of time. Of course, the more you play a slot the more chance of that number coming up but being “due a win” is not something that really exists on slot games as the numbers will be generated at random due to the nature of the RNG. Effectively, what we are saying is there is no guaranteed way to beat a slot machine by working out lengths, patterns or anything else, as the random number generated from the slot’s sum will be the same every time.

Alas, while there is no way to “beat” the game there are plenty of ways by which you can hedge your bets both before and during the time you play these games. The first thing you need to consider is making sure you understand any slot games volatility and RTP before playing the game. What this essentially boils down to is the odds you have of winning the game in general, with the higher the number of both of these meaning the higher the odds on that slot being in your favour. This means that by playing these, the general odds of each symbol and there respective payouts are higher which is good from the get-go.

Another pre-emptive move to make it learn about the bonus features and then master them before investing money by playing demo modes. Knowing that a game has bonus features and knowing how to use them is one sure-fire way by which you can make hedge your bets as they can often be a big money-spinner whilst playing and knowing how to use them when they are in play will, of course, help you get more wins. Finally, a good step to take is to ensure you manage your bankroll properly because as we have established there is no point in the game when you know a bigger bet will be worth it so you should maintain a continuous stream of funds and only spend a certain limit per session on one game. Never think that the big win is just one or two spins away.