Self-exclusion – what it is and how it works

Gambling is a fun and popular pastime that’s been around for ages. Most people can enjoy gambling in a sensible and moderate way and never suffer from their gambling. 

That said, gambling addiction is a serious issue that can be very detrimental to those affected and people close to them. And to lessen the negative outcomes of compulsive gambling, the UK Government has set up several self-exclusion schemes that make it easier for players to opt-out from gambling. Read on to learn more about how self-exclusion works and what it is

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What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a process in which you consciously choose to deny yourself access to one or several gambling establishments or websites. It’s a sort of self-imposed ban if you will. 

To self-exclude, you would contact the gambling operator and ask them you exclude you from gambling with them for a certain period of time. The period can range anywhere from six months to five years. 

All gambling operators are required by law to offer players self-exclusion. 

How do I self-exclude?

There are a few different ways of going about a self-exclusion. There are several schemed available, making sure that you can self-exclude quickly and efficiently.

“Whilst you are self-excluded you won’t under no circumstances be allowed to play with the operator. If you’re playing at land-based casinos or betting shops, it means you won’t be let through the doors, while gambling sites will simply block your account”.

Making a self-exclusion at a betting shop or land-based casino

If you want to self-exclude from a land-based casino or a betting shop, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. This is how you go about it:

  • Visit the venue.
  • Speak to the staff and let them know you want to self-exclude.
  • Bring a passport or an Id-card so that the staff can identify you.

Your self-exclusion will be effected immediately, and you’ll be given a copy of your self-exclusion as a form of receipt.


More about self-exclusion can be found on the UKCG’s page on self-exclusion.

Self-excluding from several betting shops at once

If you want to self-exclude from several betting shops, without having to visit them all physically, you can visit 

This website has a scheme that allows you to self-exclude from several betting shops at once. You register by phone, and the self-exclusion will apply at betting shops close to your home, place of work and places where you socialise.

Self-excluding from all UK land-based casinos at once

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There’s a more effective to self-exclude from all UK land-based casinos. Through NFC’s SENSE scheme, you can make sure your denied access to all of the country’s casinos instantly. 

You can enrol at any land-based casino or download the enrolment form. Once you’ve registered for a self-exclusion, your information will be removed from all casino’s marketing databases.

Self-excluding from bingo halls

The UK Bingo Association provide a similar service, offering players the option to self-exclude from all UK bingo halls in one go. 

To register, you have to send in a digital image of yourself and fill out an application form. You’ll then be asked to sign a self-exclusion form, after which the self-exclusion will be effected instantly. 

To self-exclude from UK bingo halls, you need to visit your nearest bingo hall or get in touch with the Bingo Association.

Self-excluding from gambling sites


To self-exclude from an online casino or a betting site, you must contact the customer support and tell them you want to make a self-exclusion. Furthermore, all licensed gambling sites are required to offer players self-help tools that allow them to set various gaming limits and carry out a self-exclusion by themselves. You’ll find these settings under your account. 

If you don’t want to bother logging in, you can simply contact the live chat, telephone support or send an email and ask to be self-excluded. You’ll be asked to verify your account after which the self-exclusion will be implemented instantly. 

A large number of gambling sites are already included in the GAMSTOP scheme, meaning that you can self-exclude from several gambling sites in one simple step. However, some websites still aren’t included in the scheme, and therefore it might be best to contact the operator directly.

GAMSTOP – making self-exclusion easy and transparent

Great Britain is currently looking to enhance its responsible gaming practices by implementing a nationwide system that’ll allow players to self-exclude from any gambling site in one simple step.

GAMSTOP has already included a large number of websites, and the end goal is to have every single gambling sites included. This is not a lofty, unattainable goal as all gambling websites will be required to join by the Gambling Commission in due time.

GAMSTOP offers self-exclusion of six months, one year or five years. To sign up, you have to send an email stating your name, email address and date of birth. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email confirming your self-exclusion within 24 hours.