Can You Make Money With Free Spins

Most people who are at online casinos are doing so usually for one reason – to help make themselves a bit of money. While online casinos are a fun experience with loads of other benefits, undeniably the monetary aspect is something that draws a large number of players to them every week. Of course, as the old phrase goes, you need to spend money to make money and that rings true in the casino world. This said, at online casinos, the amount you tend to spend in the pursuit of casino wins can end up being less due to one of the most beloved weapons in the casino’s arsenal, Free Spins!

What are Free Spins


If you have been playing at online casinos for a while and are a big fan of slots then you will already be familiar with free spins. However, if you are not, don’t worry the concept is very easy to understand. In a nutshell, they are a gift from the casino to their players to thank them for choosing their casino service in the form of free plays on a slot machine, known as spins. Therefore, they are merely the chance to spin on a slot machine for free, hence the name, free spins. These deals come in all shapes and sizes and they are a great way to make money at an online casino. While the concept is simple, knowing how to make money is tougher which is why we have formulated some top ways to make money with free spins.

Claim No Deposit Free Spins

The most straightforward method by which to make money with free spins is to find no deposit free spins. These require no investment on your part and so this means that when you claim them you will already be ahead of the game as you have spent no money to earn them. As a result of this, any money you make is immediate profit as opposed to you having to make back your deposit beforehand to breakeven. It also means that whatever happens with the free spins you have lost nothing but will have had it all to gain.

Find Wager Free Spins or Low Wagering

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Finding spins win little to no wagering is another top type of free spins that are worth claiming. When there are wagering requirements attached, you will have to wager any winnings more times before it comes money you can keep. The more you have to wager it, the more chance you will lose it. This is why targeting a free spin deal with little or no wagering will ensure that you are less likely to lose any money you have won with the free spins trying to withdraw it.

Use them on Games with Good RTP and Volatility Ratios

Some casinos will tell you what games your free spins can be used on, but otherwise, you will have complete free roam to use them on whatever. If this is the case, then you don’t want to waste the opportunity and so you need to find a game with a good RTP and Volatility. This will ensure that you don’t waste free spins on a game that rarely pays out and when it does, it doesn’t pay out a lot of money. You need to capitalise on this opportunity and look for slots with an RTP above the industry average of 96% twinned with high volatility if possible. 

The More Spins the Better


Free spins are definitely a numbers game and the more free spins you have to use the higher likelihood that one of them will bring home a big money win. As such, look for free spin deals that have a good number of free spins so that even if you need to make a deposit, you are aptly rewarded for claiming the deal and stating your loyalty to that casino. If you can’t find a good number at any online casinos that take your fancy, then shop around and claim a few sets from different casinos and use them all as there is no rule against doing that. In fact, even if you do find a good free spins deal, it is still worth searching to see if there are any others you would be keen to claim too and that will give you more chances to win for free.

Consider Max Wins, Max Bets and Other T&Cs

We have already mentioned wagering requirements but considering other T&Cs will be very helpful to success too. If a casino has a low max win or max bet for free spins then the money will come a lot slower than if these are unlimited. As such, don’t overlook these important details in the pursuit of a larger number as in the end it won’t benefit you much more.