How To Win at Slots

Slots are one of the most popular gameplay options available at online casinos and as a result of this, the most frequently found games at online casinos are slots. There are hundreds if not thousands of slots out there. Due to the large amount of them, knowing how to play them is a very useful skill to have as if you can play them then no matter what casino you join you will have options to play there.  While knowing how to play them is simple enough, the question is how to win at slots? Well, this question is much more difficult to answer and there is no direct way to answer it as these games are all down to chance. However, there are some good techniques by which you hedge your bets and we will cover some of these today.

Know Your Games

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Understanding the game is the first element you need to master on your journey to success. Slots come in all different shapes and sizes and knowing what type of slot you are playing is crucial to success. This starts by knowing the difference between video and classic slots to get you started as this will determine the layout of the game and the features. Then, in terms of features, you need to consider paylines, the number and whether or not they are fixed, the bonus aspects of the game, and all other elements of the game that can affect how the game works. With this knowledge on board, you will have your first insight into how to effectively play the game.

Understand Volatility and RTP

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Get Good at the Bonus Features

Most games will have bonus features but they vary a great deal. Some slots will have a free spin round or a gamble feature and these are fine, but they don’t add much more to the gameplay. Other slots will have a whole bonus game which if you can master can seriously improve your chances of winning. Bonus features are helpful as they increase payouts and stop you relying on the gameplay’s systematic payouts which will always be random. Therefore, mastering a bonus feature on a game will help you improve your chances of winning.

Volatility and RTP are what will translate into winning money. The RTP will determine how much a casino returns to the player, while the volatility AKA the variance will determine how often these payouts are made and the amount they will be dispersed – so whether there will be frequent short bursts or long waits with big rewards. If you know these important factors of the slots payout mechanism then you will be able to calculate your playtime more effectively and as a result of this, end up knowing when to walk away or hold on for that big win.

Experiment with Demos

In regards to the above tips, experimenting with demos is a great way by which to master all these. Most slots will have a demo version and by playing these before investing any of your own money into the game, it will help you ensure that you know the game inside out and so you won’t make any amateur mistakes when playing for real money. Of course, it can pretty mundane playing with no risk but once you have the bonus features down and you know what to expect from the game, it will ensure you have a better chance of winning large sums than you would get if went into a real money slot game cold.

Don’t Be Afraid to Increase Your Bets


A simple fact about slots is the more money you wager the better the payouts will be. Due to this, you shouldn’t be afraid of increasing the amounts you are betting as you will be rewarded with higher cash win amounts.

In some cases, it will increase the frequency of payouts too. This should be conducted with caution as too much too soon can cause significant losses. The scope of slots is very high and so you can bet between 20p to over £500 depending on the slot, the bet and the number of paylines in play. Due to this, you need to find the appropriate middle ground bet that suits your skill on that game and ensures accurate payouts.

Don’t Pay Attention to Patterns

It needs to be noted that the reason it is so hard to implement a proper slot game strategy and ensures wins is the fact that the game is completely random. Unlike many other casino games where strategies can be used based on patterns in the gameplay, this is not possible with slots as they use a Random Number Generated (RNG). Due to the existence of the RNG, it means no patters will emerge and if you think there are then you will be mistaken. It is not possible to trick the game or predict what’s going to happen. As such, the best bet is to follow our tips mentioned above as they will give you the best possible technique to minimise losses but they can’t guarantee consistent wins as they are completely random.

Note that UK gambling law requires slot players to be at least 18 years of age.