How Tech Is Affecting Online Gaming

Without doubt, there has been a phenomenal series of shockwaves to the online gaming industry over the past few years. From changes in national and international legislation to the rapid expansion of gaming companies and the software developers that underpin the industry.

This powerhouse of development continues to drive forward and it is worth checking out how it might influence the online gaming community over coming years.

Blockchain and Bitcoin

The introduction of cryptocurrency and the blockchain infrastructure has rapidly gone from technical description to a concept that most people are aware of, but that few can truly understand.

Whilst the speed, security and the promise of anonymity have been attractive features that have driven blockchain’s popularity, the second of these has taken a bit of a knock of late.

High profile cryptocurrency thefts have sent shockwaves through the industry. This has left the once seemingly impenetrable cryptocurrencies to be slowly relegated to a status more on par with traditional digital transactions.

The question now remains as to whether consumer confidence has been hit hard enough to injure a technology that has brought the online casino industry so many benefits.

Gaming on the Move

Mobile phones have come a long way in the last 20 years. Many are smarter and more powerful than technology that left Earth to study the solar system.

Private companies such as SpaceX and others have been racing to develop the heavens with the goal of creating a global, space-based, fast and reliable internet service that promises access to billions of more people than at present.

The impact of this on any web-based industry could be colossal, at least for those who grab the opportunity to engage. Online gaming companies have never been shy to explore new markets, and this opportunity to tap into a previously inaccessible market is sure to increase the number of competing businesses and spur on development, especially in the mobile gaming sector.

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Ready, Player One

As Mobile tech has been improving, and will likely continue to do so in the future, so too are the fields of virtual and augmented reality.

Perhaps the two biggest areas for development that will affect the online casino industry is that of immersive gaming, and portability. As headsets become more portable; batteries increase in longevity and the processing power of chips increases, players will more easily be able to play where they want when they want.

Couple this with the increasingly popular world of live gaming and the ability of a VR/AR headset to put the player at the table with other real players could be one of the biggest game changers for how online casino games are consumed.