Poker and Poker Bonuses

Playing Poker

When you think of gambling, the first pastime that might pop into your mind is poker. The game is a significant part of culture worldwide, not just in the sphere of gambling, and its popularity remains massively prominent. Since the online casino revolution, it is fair to say that this popularity has increased even more so due to the convenience that playing poker online awards the player. Not only this but the benefits of playing in these online environments has due to the omnipresence of poker bonuses available at online poker venues. Today we will discuss both these elements of online poker.

Playing Poker Online

Playing poker online is a super simple method by which to enjoy the classic casino game. In days of old, you would need to hunt out a poker night or tournament, then get dressed, travel to the location of these poker events and then commit yourself to an evening of poker.

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While this is fine and there is no problem with doing this, it is certainly not convenient and is not something you can do on a regular basis. Playing poker online provides a huge amount more versatility than that. For one, you can enjoy poker games from the comfort of your own home, whenever you feel like, as well as use poker as a means to pass the time elsewhere by playing on your mobile phone. As such, there are no restraints in terms of location or needing to actually go somewhere to play as it can all be done your laptop or mobile device.

 As well as this, the poker-playing options are much more diverse. If you enter into a real-world competition, then the type of poker you are playing will be pre-determined with most games being Texas Hold’Em.

At an online casino, you can play all types of poker 24/7 simply by selecting one of the many games online poker sites offer. As well as this, there is no need to enter into a tournament, as you can just play one or two hands and walk away if you only have a couple of minutes. While also being able to partake in a much wider selection of tournaments as these happen on a daily basis at some sites.

Depending on the mood you are in, the type of poker game you want to play can be reflected at online casinos too. As well as having virtual casino games with high-quality poker games, you also have simplified video poker games that offer more unique ways to play with more variations of poker then you would ever find in a real-world venue, as well as live casino games with a real dealer. The latter of these is especially a good option if you are weary that option an online casino will take away some of the fast-paced and authentic gameplay you get in real-life casinos by bridging the gap between the two perfectly.

Poker Bonuses

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These are all great reasons to opt for online poker as opposed to a real-world poker venue and that is the online poker bonuses out there that give you additional gameplay at no extra cost on your part. There are two main types of poker bonuses that you will find at online poker venues. These are:

Bonus Cash

Many poker sites will offer you bonus cash when joining up. If you have been at any online casino before then you would already be aware of these types of bonus. The way it works is that you will be offered a maximum bonus cash amount and a percentage that your deposit will be matched by up until that amount. For example, a bonus cash deal may look like this get 100% bonus up to £100. In this case, you would make a deposit and it would be given a 100% match, i.e. doubled up until £100, so you would have £200 to play with in total, £100 if your own cash and £100 in bonus cash. When it comes to a poker bonus like this, all the money would be possible to be used on a poker sites poker games and so you essentially get twice the amount of playtime for the same investment.

Free Bets

Free Bets will also usually require a deposit but rather than meeting your deposit with a percentage the casino will just give you a set amount to play with one. For example, £20 which you can then use to wager on a game of poker of your choice. In other cases, they may give you a number of free bets to use with which you can then spread out the number of games you use the free bets on. While these are usually lower amounts, often you will just need to meet the minimum deposit for that casino to claim it as opposed to depositing a certain amount in order to get a certain amount out.

What Other Poker Bonuses are There?

Poker bonuses are more limited than other casino bonuses but often there will be more than just these two. These will often be special entry to certain tournaments, or just cash prize giveaways for participating in certain activities on a poker site. Ultimately, poker bonuses are less easy to define and can vary a lot more.

What’s a No Deposit Bonus?


A no deposit bonus is a bonus to you without you need to put money into your account beforehand. Often these will be given on signing up at a casino and are more frequently found in the form of no deposit free bets.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are the number of times you need to wager any bonus cash or winnings from a free bet before you can withdraw money. As such, if you can find a no wager poker bonus it is going to be an even better deal.

Are there any other Bonus T&Cs? These can vary a lot dependent on the bonus but some common ones are maximum wins, minimum and maximum bet amounts, and time limits. However, you should read the full T&Cs for every bonus you claim prior to claiming it.