New Slots Sites UK

Casino players appreciate new online slots sites, but it can be difficult to keep track of the growing online market. Each year, more new slots sites join the UK market, bringing with them new games and lucrative welcome bonuses. In this overview we take a look at some of the newest slots sites in the UK in 2020, while helping you consider what’s important when you sign up to a new casino.

Why Should I Join a New Slots Site?

Most players already have one or more favourite casinos in their portfolio, and might feel reluctant to create a new account elsewhere. Keeping your action in a few select casinos is a comfortable strategy, as you remain familiar with how the casino is run. You might also be part of a lucrative VIP Programme, which often keeps players locked in with the same casino for a long time.

However, there are very good reason to join a new slots site in 2020, if you have not done so already. We have listed some of them below.

New Slots Sites Mean New Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the bread and butter of the online slots experience, and new slots sites are particularly excited to offer them. When a casino joins the UK market, it is up against mega-brands and strong competitors that have dominated the market for decades. The best way of attracting new customers is to offer lucrative welcome bonuses to all new players. Slots fans should always look out for the best available welcome bonuses, as that is the most effective way of making a profit in the world of online slots.

New and Innovative Selection of Games

Newcomers usually distinguish themselves with a new selection of games from all the leading software developers. The platforms are among the quickest and the technology up do date. New slots sites are always a refreshing experience and bring something new to the online casino experience.

An Introduction to New Slots

If you are consider opening an account at a new slots site, there are some important details to note. We have taken a look at some of the most important terms you might encounter at a new slots site.

Return to Player and Volatility

Return to Player and volatility levels are popular terms when casino reviews assess the pros and cons of a new online slot.

  • Return to Player: A percentage that denotes the expected winnings on online slots over a long period of time. A high RTP favours the player, whereas a low RTP favours the house. The house always has an edge in online slots, so you should aim for as high an RTP as possible to increase your chances.
  • Volatility: Volatility describes how risky the slot is. Does it only pay out a few mega wins or does it provide a continuous flow of small wins? Reviews usually distinguish between low, medium and high volatility slots. What you prefer is a matter of personal preference.

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators ensure that all outcomes on online slots are randomised. A Random Number Generator is a key component in player safety and the safety bracket that ensures no online slots are rigged – as we are sometimes led to believe.

The exact workings of a Random Number Generator is complex, but all old and new slots use them to determine the outcome of every single spin on online slots. That doesn’t mean all outcomes are equally likely: the different symbols are obviously weighted in probability according to a mathematical formula.

How To Get Started with a New Online Slots Site

If you want to get started with a new online slots site, we recommend you read a variety of online casino reviews. That will allow you make an informed decision before you pick a new slots site. You should also ask yourself what exactly you are looking for, before you decide to create a new account. An exclusive welcome bonus? An innovative range of games from the most exciting developers? Or a leading mobile gaming experience?

Try the Slots Site in Demo Mode

Trying the online slots site in demo mode is one approach, if you want to test the quality of games and the interface before getting started. Some players like this approach, whereas others find it tiresome. How can you really assess the casino experience, if you are not playing for real money? That is a common question among players. In that case, finding a new slots site with a No Deposit Bonus is the obvious solution.

Try a New Slots Site with a No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses are often provided by new online slots sites in the UK to attract new customers. A no deposit bonus funds your account with a small amount of bonus money – usually £5 or £10. You are then free to go ahead and test the games, while also pocketing any potential returns. If you are happy with the experience, you are often able to take advantage of a matched deposit bonus as well. This is the best approach to getting started with a new slots site.

Main Trends in New Slots in 2020

Traditional slot games can be boring at times, whereas new slots sites add a variety of new releases to the pool. We have already had multiple game releases by the major software developers in 2020, many of which have gone directly to new slots sites. A few interesting main trends can be gathered from these slots.

New Slots Powered by 3D Technology

Slots with a 3D-interface would have seemed unimaginable a few years back, but new online slots now use technology that is more reminiscent of video-games than traditional slots. Betsoft is among the leading developers of 3D-themed new slots and the market is expanding at a rapid pace.

3D slots mainly differ from Flash or HTLM-powered slots in the interface – the features and symbols are very similar to standard slots. Yet the graphics are both stunning and certain to catch your eyes, while the game theme is typically centered around a popular item from popular culture. This can be a famous TV-series, a comic or something else that is likely to excite the players. The match between 3D slots and these storylines is excellent, as it allows the game developers to explore and take advantage of the many possibilities that result from a 3D theme.

New Progressive Jackpot Slots in 2020

Progressive jackpots spand over entire networks of casino operators, which allows the prize pool to grow to incredible heights. Most new slots sites are connected to other operators through progressive jackpot slots. Progressive jackpots is really a catch-all term: in reality, the individual progressive jackpots vary significantly from each other, and new slot releases in 2020 will continue to experiment with the progressive jackpot genre.

In early January, NetEnt released their first new slot of the new year: the Triple Jackpot Asian-themed Golden Money Frog slot. With a triple jackpot structure, the slot offers three separate progressive jackpots: a Minor Jackpot, a Major Jackpot and a Super Jackpot. All jackpots are triggered by the game’s Bonus Wheel, where the three jackpots constitute a total of 8 symbols on a 12 symbol wheel. The structure with multiple jackpots has been around for a while, but it is particularly popular on newer progressive jackpot slots.

New Mobile Slots in 2020

Most players place at least some of their action with a mobile device. Ten years ago, most online casinos had started developing mobile casino apps, but the past decade has really been the golden age of mobile slots. The technology has improved so dramatically that most players now find mobile casino slots just as satisfying as the real-life or desktop experience.

Perhaps most importantly, mobile slots are extremely convenient. The loading time is minimal, you can open and close the games in a few seconds, and the accessibility factor makes it all very smooth.

Mobile Slots Design and Gameplay

Mobile slots used to be a niche sector – today it constitutes the majority of the online casino experience. New slots sites are always launched with leading mobile apps that allow you to optimise and adjust the game according to your needs: You can use the mobile touchpad rather than a computer mouse, the screen can be twisted and turned as you need, and some mobile slots even allow you to modify the gameplay design.

If you don’t want to fill up your mobile device with casino apps, new slots sites can also be accessed in full compatibility with your mobile device web browser. Although most players prefer the app due to the convenience of it, in-browser slots sites on your mobile are now the standard across the industry.

How to Access Mobile Slots Sites with your Phone

Mobile slots sites can be accessed in two different ways: you can either download the casino’s official app to Android or iOS, either through the App Store or the casino’s own website. If you would rather access the slots sites without a mobile app, you can also access the games directly through the casino’s website. Simply open your preferred web browser and sign in to your account, in the same way you would do with your desktop device.

New UK Slots in 2020

The new year is always accompanied by a string of new slots releases, as software developers and casinos try to get a headstart on everyone else. Although many players prefer old-school slots they are familiar with, their graphics are dwarfed by what the leading game studios have already released in 2020. And if we look at the official announcements from software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt, we can expect a lot more over the coming months.

  • Microgaming has already announced four new slots in January 2020, with the last one being launched on January 2020. Book of AtemDouble Lucky LineAfrican Quest and The Incredible Balloon Machine are all recent launches by the leading software developer, all packed with the newest features in the industry and new innovative designs.
  • NetEnt finished 2019 in style, not least with their much-anticipated Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne slot in November, the result of a time-consuming collaboration between Ozzy Osbourne himself and the game development studio. NetEnt has also entered 2020 with a bang, with both Serengeti Kings and Fortune Rangers launched in late-January, having started the year launching the Triple Jackpot Gold Money Frog slot.
  • Betsoft, one of the leading developers of mobile friendly casino games and 3D slots, is also one of the most innovative game studios around. With the newly released Super Sweets slot, Betsoft Gaming once again strengthens its reputation as one of the best graphic developers, Betsoft is definitely one of the game developers to look out for in terms of new UK slots in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a new slots site?

Newcomers are always more innovative and more likely to provide a refreshing experience. Many online casinos are quite similar, but new slots sites are more committed to spicing up their interface and promotions.

Can I trust new online slots sites in the UK?

Yes – the main precaution needed is to check whether the slot is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. If that is the case, it is as safe to play on a new slot site as an old one.

What is the best new slots site strategy?

The optimal strategy is not very different from normal casino sites. However, you should stay aware of the lucrative welcome bonuses offered by new slots sites. These are the key to a profitable casino strategy in the short term.

How are the graphics different on a new slots site?

New slots sites pay extra attention to slots powered by 3D and other graphically innovative approaches. Slots build on HTML5 have also enriched the mobile gaming experience, allowing players to access all games directly from your phone, with or without the mobile app.